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#28 - My 4 favorite blogs to hack Salesforce

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Read Time = 2 Mins

In today’s newsletter I want to show you my 4 favorite blogs I use to hack the Salesforce system.

They contain out of the box solutions that will turn your old, boring, and dusty org into a Space-X rocket ship.

No exaggeration.

Me and thousands of other ppl in the industry are taking full advantage of them and are benefitting immensely because of it.

So, instead of keeping it all to myself…

I want to share them with you so you can become the hero @ work.

Let’s dive into this week’s letter

Make your Salesforce org not suck.

There are times when you are searching for a solution that you hope exists in Salesforce and after hours of googling… you don’t find it.

In almost every single one of those situations I ended up finding either the exact solution or a work around for it on UnofficialSF.

Not a unique story.

If you work in the Salesforce industry…

You know about UnofficialSF and almost everyone has a story like this where they have saved our bacon.

First on my list for a reason.

Narender is an OG.

Here’s why:

  • 3x Salesforce MVP

  • Massive contributor

  • Has lead as top community answers

On top of that when I first got into the industry I reached out on a couple occasions to Narender and he personally helped me out.

But even outside of all that…

He writes an awesome blog (Force Panda) and provides some fantastic out of the box solutions to help with your Salesforce needs.

(like this awesome confetti feature 👇🏼)

The Salesforce library.

Chances are slim for me when I need to google a solution and I don’t see Automation Champ pop up as one of the results.

Years of content.

Just like the others mentioned today, Rakesh Gupta is another awesome Salesforce MVP who has put a ton into the community - a lot at no cost.

Personally I tend to find a lot of best practices on his site for flows.

Like “Flow Naming Conventions”.

This has become my most visited bookmark this year and has dramatically improved how organized my flows have become.

Make learning flows easier.

Just like any topic, why would you want to learn things the hard way when there are ppl like Melody Lwo creating resources like this one…?

Here you get:

  • Flow “how to’s”

  • Flow use cases

  • Option to write in for personal help

All done by someone who is 10X certified and breathes better automation making it a great resource to trust and learn from.

With flows being the one of the hottest items to learn nowadays - this one should be a no-brainer to check out.

Thanks for reading, that’s all for this week.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you: 1. Learn Salesforce & Get Hired here. (80+ students) 2. Get personalized 1:1 Salesforce help from me here.

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