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#26 - Friends are the worst googlers...

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Read Time = 4 Mins

Have you ever watched a friend google?

They word things wrong, add too much fluff, they don’t know what links to click on when the results appear…

It can be pretty brutal.

You sit there resisting the urge to take their phone and do it for them.

And since every question we have in life is now something we google - it’s important to know how to find results quick.

Especially @ work.

You have tight deadlines and ppl waiting on your answers so why would you want to waste more time than you need to?

Well, you don’t have to.

I have 4 tips to make googling Salesforce questions easier.

So, let’s dive in ↓

Tip #1: Cut the Fluff

It’s not as obvious as you’d think.

Since launching my course and helping friends and family land jobs in the Salesforce industry I’ve realized this tip isn’t as obvious ppl think.

Ppl include:

  • “how do I”

  • “When does”

  • “What is the”

  • “Where to find”

Cut the fillers.

Searching works best when you can identify the most impactful keywords of your question and use those only.

Instead of “How do I find yesterday’s date in a salesforce formula” try “Yesterday’s date formula sfdc” (sfdc = salesforce dot com)

Right to the point and yes, I tested this before writing it here and found my answer without even having to click a link.

Tip #2: Find Similar Sites

You need to know the go to sites.

And you can do this two different ways.

The first one being the most common. You learn with time. You google things and eventually pick up on what sites yield the best results.

You already knew that one.

The second is different. Instead of hoping to catch on in time, you literally search for a relatable sites like it.

Here’s how:

  1. Open google

  2. Search “related:[website name]

Let’s say you found an answer on stackexchange. You would then search google using "”.

Instead of getting stackexchange links, you’ll get similar sites to it. Helping you identify another useful site to use.

Tip #3: Google Dork Cheatsheet

Some say we only use 10% of our brain’s power.

That might be a myth…


I know you only use 10% of google’s search power.

How do I know?

Well… can you list 1 advance search function?

I didn’t think so.

We literally search google every single day of our lives which is why I think this is the most underrated skill in modern times.

When casual searching doesn’t work, try throwing in quotes for exact phrasing or a hypen to make sure a word isn’t included.

The function list is massive.

So, instead of breaking all of them down - let me just give two resources that should be more than enough to help you on this one.

Tip #4: Search the Force

This does the hard work for you.

It’s a custom google search engine that scowers numerous Salesforce related sites so you can avoid advance searching and bad results.

Dan Appleman is the genius behind this creation.

The reason he created it?

“I created this site because I spend a lot of time searching Google for answers and this site makes my life a lot easier. I hope you’ll find it useful as well.”

What a legend.

If you have a moment, go thank Salesforce MVP Dan Appleman for creating this beauty for all of us to use.

Everyone enjoys to be appreciated.

Thanks for reading, that all for this week.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you: 1. Learn Salesforce & Get Hired here. (77+ students) 2. Get personalized 1:1 Salesforce help from me here.

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