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Joining the Salesforce industry can be frustrating and confusing. To help you gain clarity and speed up the process, I offer three coaching calls that focus on the most challenging parts.

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Just learning Salesforce?
Let's make your personalized plan.

Over 5 years, I've helped build three Salesforce orgs for three separate $3B+ tech unicorns. We will walk through strategies to find the career path that works best for you, discuss realistic salary expectations, and how to develop the skills you'll need for your future role.

45 minutes, $149

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Have Salesforce skills already?
Let's improve your LinkedIn profile.

With 61,000+ Linkedin followers and 51M+ content views, I can help advise you on what matters most to increase the amount of attention you receive on your profile.

45 minutes, $149

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Have experience to showcase?
Let's create your social content system.

In less than 2 years, I've posted over 3,000+ unique pieces of content between all my social media channels that now generate 3+ job offers a week for me. I will walk you through how you can create 7 days worth of content in less than 1 hour that will direct the right viewers to your social channels.

45 minutes, $149

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