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#27 - Absolute worst way to job hunt...

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Read Time = 3 mins

The easiest way to not get a job?

Well… you could ditch a profile picture and remain anonymous like you’re Spiderman…

OR you could comment “I’m interested” on a job post…

OR you could ask complete strangers for favors…

Just a few things I see ppl do on LinkedIn every week.


You and I don’t want to do that.

We want jobs.

So, here’s 4 tips on how to avoid those catastrophic mistakes.Absolute worst way to job hunt... (plus a full video of me breaking it down)

Let’s get it ↓

Problem #1: No profile picture Get a professional headshot.

This is the easiest way to be counted out of the race for a job.

The entire point of Linkedin and social media is to get to know the candidate of who they might be hiring.

Hard to do if they can’t see your face.

If you can’t get a professional headshot done anytime soon, take a selfie and upload it to

It’s a great workaround.

Problem #2: “I’m Interested” Worst comment you can leave.

When you see a job opening on Linkedin, do not… I repeat, do not comment “interested” and expect something to happen.

Well, I take that back something will happen.. you’ll get ignored.

So, if want something good to happen you’ve got to make more of an effort than this. “Interested” is equivalent to not commenting at all.


  • Research the role

  • Connect with teammates

  • Look for connections

  • Apply for the role online

Then leave a comment saying you’ve turned in your application and are really looking forward to speaking with [recruiter name here].

This will make you stand out.

Problem #3: No Relationship Build a personal brand.

We all have one the difference is only 1% of ppl are creating content and controlling what they want that brand to look like.

So, be part of the one percenters so you can build up what I like to call “social credit” with those around you.

When you:

  • Help for free

  • Reach out to others

  • Give back to your industry

You’re building up “social credit”.

This social credit can be cashed in for favors after you’ve built up enough like asking a friend for an intro to a recruiter for a job.

Without this type of relationship it makes landing a job much more difficult.

Read about how to do this better from Gary Vee himself 👇🏼

Problem #4: More friction Don’t “lazy apply”.

Doing the bare minimum or asking following up questions to the recruiter who is looking to fill the position will hurt your chances.

On a Linkedin post I saw this week many ppl asked for the recruiter to DM them or send over additional details for the job.

I can almost guarantee those ppl got ignored.

When a recruiter is kind enough to post about an open position they want to do as little of the work as possible.

It’s your job to reduce the friction.

The less friction for them, the easier it’s gonna be for you to land the job.

Here’s what you should do 👇🏼

Thanks for reading, that’s all for this week.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you: 1. Learn Salesforce & Get Hired here. (80+ students) 2. Get personalized 1:1 Salesforce help from me here.

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