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#29 - $193,000 in Income. 30 Days. 1 Guide.

Read Time = 3 mins

30 days ago I quit my job.

$0 in income… 😬

You see, this all started because I wanted to be a freelance Salesforce consultant part-time (20 hours/wk).

I’d heard the awesome stories about it.

$200,000 a year in income + minimal working hours.

I really wanted that too.

So, I quit my job and put together a 30 day plan on how I was going to do it.

Well… It’s now been 30 days and I managed to go from $0 to $193,000/yr in income.

I wrote down how I did it so you can too.

Let’s get it ↓


I spent the first 48 hours watching Youtube and reading blog posts.

Remember, I was starting from scratch.

I knew some basics from the little freelancing I had done in the past but it wasn’t anything super official so all this was going to be brand new for me.

Here’s what worked:

  • Outlining my plan

  • Having $$$ goals

  • Setting a deadline

  • Planning long term

This plan was my guardrail.

I knew who to contact, where to look, and how to present myself.

If it didn’t meet the plan, I dropped it.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

A saying I’m sure you’ve found to be true in your life.

And like you, I have too.

So true that I’ve literally spent the last 2+ years of my life posting on Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter in hopes to meet more like-minded ppl.

Well, for this 30 day plan it paid off big.


All the gigs I landed were passed along to me by someone I had helped in the past who were willing to return a favor.

On top of the gigs I landed - friends from my network also gave me unlimited support on the strategy and tools I would need.

Needless to say…

You’ll never regret networking.


I sign my first contract.

“Oh crap” was the next thought I had.


I didn’t know how to:

  • Write a contract

  • Organize my clients

  • Track my hours

  • Send over invoices

I mean, I did… but not in a scalable and professional way.

So again, I reached out to contact I became friends with on Linkedin since I knew he had freelanced for 2+ years.

2 tools he recommend:

  • Workspace

  • LLC

Workspace is the one stop shop for all things freelance.

Contracts, invoicing, branding, time tracking, clients, projects, proposals, you name it - they got you covered all 100% free for 1 client or less.

LLC would protect me with liability issues AND helpful for taking advantage of tax breaks where I could come tax season.

If you freelance, use these 2 tools.


This is a 3 min summarized newsletter post, not real life.

So, don’t let it fool you.

I had plenty of days that nothing happened.

Plenty of days where I was tempted to start looking for another 9-5.

I’m including consistency here b/c too many posts online make things like this seem easy and a piece of cake.

This task was not.

I had to put in my fair share of work to generate opportunities for myself.

Every week I…

  • Applied to 10 jobs

  • DM’d 10 recruiters

  • Interviewed 3 times

  • Invested money toward it

All while I was making $0 in income…

Burning cash day by day from my savings.

In a lot of ways though this part really helped me.

It helped me because I could look back each week and physically see the effort I was making and the successes and failures to either celebrate or improve.

Whether you freelance or not…

This was a solid remembrance to find your why so you can keep going even when you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel yet.


30 days later, here’s what happened.

Three consulting gigs landed.

  • Client #1 = 20 hours/wk @ $100/hr

  • Client #2 = 10 hours/wk @ $125/hr

  • Client #3 = $600/wk (Amazon trainer)

Total hours = 33

Weekly Pay = $3,725

Annual Pay = $193,700

As you can see I am not 100% within the long term goals I wanted. Ideally I want to increase my pay rate and work less hours.


Considering I was back at $0 I decided to be flexible in the short term to gain some stability and then work on upping my rates / finding new clients.

That’s it for this week. I hope this added some value to your Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you again next week!

Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you: 1. Learn Salesforce & Get Hired here. (85+ students) 2. Get personalized 1:1 Salesforce help from me here.

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1 Comment

John Domingo
John Domingo
Dec 10, 2023

Jordan, this is a great post! So many actionable insights! I've got an excel sheet just like yours for tracking interactions with potential clients.

Here's a question for you. When you are applying for the full time positions, many require you to submit a cover letter. If you've ever had to do this, did you pitch anything about wanting to do contract work instead of fulltime in the cover letter? Or did you leave that out of the letter and bring it up once you got a phone call?


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