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#8 - How I passed my Salesforce Admin cert with only 1 month of studying

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1 actionable tip to grow your salesforce career.

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Today, I’m going to show you how to cut 10+ hours of wasted study time so you can earn your certification quicker.

The reason that the Salesforce Admin cert is so critical is that it helps validate that you understand the Salesforce platform.

What happens if you don’t have it?

  • You make less $$$

  • You get fewer job offers

  • You don’t get companies interested in you

All things that add more struggle.

Unfortunately, many ppl fall into this trap.

So many people I talk to spend countless hours applying for jobs without ever verifying that they have the basics.

Let’s make sure you don’t end up like that.

Instead, I want to share the 6-step process I used to earn my Salesforce Admin cert with only 1 month of studying.

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Start by scheduling your exam date

Certifications should be about proving your work ethic and knowledge to the employer.

If you can’t commit to setting a date, you probably don’t have enough discipline to study for it.

For example, my first certification was the Salesforce Administrator.

I knew I had 1 month before I had to take it so that made it easy for me to figure out how much time per night I would have to study.

No apps, no calendars, no time management hacks - none of that.

This is how you should approach your certification.

Step 2: Sign up for Focus on Force

Once you set the date, ppl start scrambling to find trustworthy study guides. Please don’t do this! I know you are anxious and somewhat dreading the day BUT I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be. Here’s what you want to do:

  1. Go to Focus on Force

  2. Click on Explore Courses (enroll now on desktop)

  3. Add “Admin Certification Study Guide” to your cart

  4. Add “Admin Certification Practice Exams” to your cart

  5. Purchase both items

Step 3: Take the practice exam first

Once you have both the study guide and practice exams purchased, it’s time to take your first test.

I recommend taking the test as if it were real. That means, no googling, no looking at your study guide, and taking the full test uninterrupted.

You want to know what topics you need to study most and doing this will give you that benchmark. It will also help you prepare mentally for what the test is going to feel like and that is just as important, if not more.

Step 4: Review your missed answers

Once you have the first 3 steps completed, the hardest parts are done. Now it’s time to review the answers you missed.

First, review your weakest topics:

  1. Security?

  2. Reporting?

  3. Data Modeling?

Then, find those topics in your study guide:

  1. What is health check?

  2. What is a matrix report?

  3. what is schema builder?

Go through them and write down the correct answers with pen and paper. If you write it down you will be able to recall and understand it easier.

Step 5: Repeat until you pass consistently (optional)

This step is optional, but I love the feeling of being overprepared versus underprepared.

Instead of taking the full 60-question 90 min exam over and over, I opted for the smaller 20-question exam that’s included.

The benefit of this exam is that you won’t feel as mentally fatigued and can commit to testing more frequently.

I aimed to pass this exam with 90% or higher at least 3 times in a row before I decided to call it quits.

Step 6: Take the exam

Ok, you’re finally ready to take your certification exam.

Start by:

  • Exercising that day to get rid of your anxiety

  • Eating right so you are aren’t mentally fatigued before you begin

  • Taking the 20-question practice exam an hour before your real one

Then it’s time to log in and start your exam.

The exam itself will be a breeze since you’ve now done this multiple times and know what to expect.

That’s all for this week. 1 simple salesforce tip to grow your career.

If you’re not getting value out of these tips, please consider unsubscribing.

I won’t mind so no hard feelings if you do.

However, if you are enjoying this newsletter I’d really appreciate your quick review here. (I made it easy and filled out the questions for you. Just make your personal tweaks and click submit, it should take you less than 1 minute. 🙂)

See you next week!


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Taj “Taj”
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Hey, thank you for this. Do you sell or share your notes? Love the handwritten notes

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