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#4 - My Biggest Career Mistake Ever!

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1 actionable tip to grow your salesforce career.

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Do not quietly learn Salesforce if you want to land a job.

It doesn’t make you stand out which is the entire point of landing a job. If you do learn quietly you’re going to feel like you wasted a lot of time, and not even just your time. Your friends and family’s time. All those days you spent studying and researching when you could have been spending it with them. It’ll make you feel angry, frustrated, depressed – all negative emotions you don’t want to feel.

You might even:

  • lose money

  • lose your confidence

  • abandon learning salesforce

  • feel like the whole thing was a scam

I know because I made this mistake.

When I first started learning Salesforce, I didn’t publicly document what I was learning online. Nobody could tell what I knew or didn’t know and so when I tried to land a job I struggled! I felt overwhelmed like I wouldn’t ever get into the industry. That feeling then led to me quitting for a period of time. I went back to focusing on my old job and put off salesforce. On top of that, I felt dumb because I didn’t get a new job, my confidence was now lower, and I was convinced it wasn’t going to work in the future.

Which is why I want to share this with you.

You should always build in public!

If I could go back in time, I would have done what I am currently doing now. I would’ve created a blog to document what I knew, a youtube channel to demo it, and posted to social media to gain attention. If that sounds like too much then start off by just doing one of those. Don’t worry about how good it looks, just start. You’ll get better as you stay with it. The key here is that it proves you know what you are talking about and companies want that proof so they can feel good about hiring you.

Here are just a few examples of how this strategy has helped me:

  • avg 2 job offers a week in my DMs

  • my last 3 jobs I was recruited, I didn’t apply

  • have 56,124+ supportive followers on Linkedin

  • increased my salary by 312.5% (doesn’t include stock options, bonus, benefits, etc.)

Having been down both paths, the first one put me in a bad position and not just with my job but with my mental state. My confidence was low and it was hard to stay motivated to get things done in my life - which is why I’m sharing this with you, to help you avoid that.

So Remember:

You can either learn quietly and feel like everything was a waste of time cause you’ll struggle to land a job or you can build in public and handpick the companies you want to work for and feel like royalty.

That’s all for this week. 1 simple salesforce tip to grow your career.

If you’re not getting value out of these tips, please consider unsubscribing.

I won’t mind so no hard feelings if you do.

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See you next week!


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