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#23 - Avoid these 4 costly certification mistakes 😬

Read Time = 3 mins

In today’s issue, I want to share 4 critical mistakes to avoid while you are preparing for your next Salesforce certification.

Certs are an incredible way to stand out from the crowd.

I know community members who’ve earned anywhere from 4 to 10+ certs in a year just by creating a better study system.

But, I also know hundreds of ppl who are struggling to earn their first: procrastination, no study plan, lack of tools, etc.

So today, I’m going to show you how I improved my study, increased my success rate, acquired more skills, and built a successful study plan.

Let’s cover the mistakes to avoid ↓

Mistake #1: Not Scheduling a Date

Procrastination stems from unclear goals.

If you can’t commit to setting a date, how do you expect to stay focused and motivated when you attempt to study for it?

You won’t.

You won’t b/c you’ll always know you “have more time”.

Ppl (not you or me of course 😎) start doing everything else but will tell themselves they will schedule it when “they are ready”.

Don’t fall for that.

Schedule your cert date first.

It’ll hold you accountable and dramatically cut down on your procrastination.

Mistake #2: Not Using Focus on Force

Quizlet, google, and even trailhead won’t save you here.

Where most ppl go wrong is not using one of the best tools in the community to prep for your cert – especially if it’s the admin cert.

Big mistake

Do this instead:

  1. Go to Focus on Force

  2. Click on Explore Courses (enroll now on desktop)

  3. Add “Admin Certification Study Guide” to your cart

  4. Add “Admin Certification Practice Exams” to your cart

  5. Purchase both items

This week our private community “Simple Salesforce” we had a special guest share exactly how he used this tool to pass his cert.

Focus On Force Cert Tips

Mistake #3: Not Reviewing Exam Guide

You must be tactful when you study.

Unless you like wasting 10+ hours of your time.

Salesforce has hand-delivered a study guide to all of us that shows you how much each test section is worth.

So the question is…

Why would you spend hours studying something that is only worth 3% on the test when you could put that effort towards the heaviest weights?

It seems obvious but a lot of us hit this trap

(myself included)

Admin Cert Exam Outline

Mistake #4: Not Creating a Study Plan

Dreams are just goals without plans.

So, if you have the goal to take your cert but don’t actually have actionable steps to take like:

  • When you’ll study

  • What you’ll study

  • Or how you’ll study

It’s going to be a waste of your time.

Instead figure out what days you can commit to studying, for how long, and what you’ll do to be most effective to prep for your cert during that time.

Dreams vs. Plans

Well, that’s it for this week.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help you:

2 weeks ago I launched a course + community for Salesforce beginners. Here you get unlimited help from me & 70+ community members AND exclusive access to events we run 2X a month.

Best part?

It’s lifetime access.

  • Get all the course future updates

  • Get all the exclusive live Q&A

  • Get all the unlimited 1:1 help from me as you need it

Join me & the other 70 others already in there 😎

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