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#22 - 4 negotiation rules to earn 32% more (every single year)

Read Time = 3 mins

In today’s issue, I am going to break down the 4 golden rules of negotiation.

These techniques have allowed me to:

  • Avg. 32% pay bump every year

  • Increase my salary 312% in 4 years

  • Collect 15K more after my initial offers

Dream results for anyone

So, let’s cover each rule one by one so you can do the same

Rule #1: Know your worth

Confidence is everything.

All the choices you decide to make in your life (good or bad) come down to the level of confidence you have in yourself.

Above anything else, this has to be first.

Without confidence, none of the tips below work.

To boost confidence, do this:

  • Write down your wins

  • Compare yourself to yourself

  • Celebrate goals reached (big & small)

And most importantly don’t let the losses get you down.

Take it from Austin, got rejected from 300+ jobs before landing offers from Microsoft, Google, and Twitter.

Rule #2: Be willing to walk

To truly get ahead you need to be selective.

Just b/c you got a job offer doesn’t mean it’s a good one. You’ve gotta be willing to play the long game and walk when you need to.

I can personally say…

Don’t neglect:

  • Work-life balance

  • Who your manager will be

  • What your career path looks like

After you get over the initial high of more money, these things will matter more to you in the long run. They always do.

Rule #3: Leverage your situation

Take the time to do your homework

What are their:

  • Fears

  • Needs

  • Dreams

  • Frustrations

If you can nail these down it’s much easier to feel confident when you counter their offer or ask for a higher amount.

Best way to do that?

Strive to always be interviewing @ multiple places. This helps prove you are of high value and shows you what companies expect in your role.

Their goal is to minimize costs

Your goal is to maximize return

Their Offer vs. Their Cap

Rule #4: Factor in perks + benefits

Money isn’t everything.

I found this out the hard way when I chose a higher salary instead of more stock options while working for the last startup I was at.

Cost of my mistake?

$400,000+ 😬

Yeah… that one still stings.

I still managed to get a $50k payout when they were acquired for $2.5B but I could have had potentially a lot more had I not left for cash.

Seriously consider what the other perks mean to you.

They are on the table to negotiate as well.

Bonus: My all-time favorite negotiation article

My buddy Taylor sent me this article 3 years ago and there hasn’t been a single negotiation that I’ve done since without re-reading it.

You’d be wise to do the same ↓

In the span of a week, I had job offers to work as a software engineer at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, and Yelp. Here’s how I negotiated them.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

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