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#21 - How I increased my salary 312% (and why you will too)

Read Time = 3 mins

In today’s issue, I am going to break down 4 soft skills that are guaranteed to make you more money if can master them.

My salesforce journey started 4 years ago -

And since then, I have increased my base salary by 312% and have worked for three different $3B tech unicorns.

In fact, I have invested so many hours into mastering my craft that every Salesforce job I’ve taken I’ve successfully negotiated for more $$$.

But do you want to know a secret?

I actually focus on the same 4 soft skills every time.

Let’s cover each ↓

Skill #1: Work Ethic

High earners = high trust.

Meaning you need to be willing to live or die by your work. Take pride in it and if you make a mistake, own it just as much as the successes.


  • If you make a commitment, keep it

  • If you work that day, be 100% there

  • If you own a project, be accountable

  • If you screw up, don’t pass the blame

They don’t want perfection,

They want the commitment to perfection.

Path to perfection

Skill #2: Persuasion

Nobody likes to be wrong.

So, this isn’t about “tricking” someone.

It’s figuring out how to guide ppl toward the best solutions without making them feel like they’ve lost control or that they were in the wrong.

Stakeholders will sing your praises if you can master this.

On your next problem:

  • Identify what they care about

  • Craft a solution that resonates with them

  • Demo that solution with emotion and curtness

Skill #3: Relationship Building

There’s no “i” in team.

I say this b/c ppl often forget that being in Salesforce means being on a team. And when raise time comes, they have a say in your review.

So, instead of trying to conquer on your own

Try this:

  • Help them unconditionally

  • Focus on common interests

  • Always add value before asking for favors

They are your allies, not enemies.

Skill #4: Negotiation

You’ll never get what you want if you don’t negotiate.

Let me explain:

Whether it’s business or personal, every relationship reverts to self-interests first.

  • You want more money, they want less expenses.

  • You want quality food, they want higher margins.

  • You want best practices, they want quick results.

Life is a game of negotiation.

This isn’t a skill you whip out when someone asks about pay.

The better you get at this, the higher quality life you can live.


  1. Listen carefully.

  2. Know your worth.

  3. Understand their wants

  4. Then propose solutions to benefit both of you

Take it from FBI negotiator and author of best selling book “Never Split the Difference” Chris Voss

That’s all for today.

Hope you enjoyed it.

See you again next week!

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