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#16 - Convert views into job offers (My big announcement)

Welcome to the 248 new subscribers who joined this week!

1 actionable tip to grow your salesforce career.

Today’s issue will take about 4 mins to read.

It’s a special one so enjoy! 😎

Learning Salesforce is a challenge.

There are so many different ways to learn it and it’s a lot of info to consume, making it confusing where to start.

That’s why I am creating a course!

My course will make it easy for you to learn the basics, get your first certification, and be well on your way to landing a salesforce job.

Annnnd, since it’s a course, learning will be on your time @ your pace. The pre-sell kickoff will be this Thursday, June 16th.

If you opt-in this Thursday you’ll get access to the course for $99. After the pre-sell ends I am raising the price to $150

Joining early saves you 51%

Without further delay, let’s jump into today’s issue which includes topics that I will cover more in-depth with you in the course.

5 simple steps to learn Salesforce.

(things you actually need to focus on)

Let’s get it ↓

#1 - Pick your career path

Your career is not a job, take time to find the perfect match.

Ask yourself:

  • Can it keep me interested?

  • Is it flexible enough for me?

  • Does it play to my strengths?

  • Will it cover my financial needs?

All these questions can be answered by visiting the trailhead career page. You will find things like avg. salary, job growth, and what day-to-day life would look like for you in that role.

#2 - Learn how to do it

You picked a role, now you’ve got to learn how to do it.

This is where 99% of ppl jump to google.

Don’t do that.


  1. Go to trailhead career page

  2. Select the role you picked

  3. Click “start skilling up”

This brings you directly to the modules you need to learn.

This step will:

  1. Help you gain skills to land your 1st job

  2. Let you see if you actually like it

#3 - Pass your cert for that path

Certs are like degrees, employers use them as a checkbox.

70% of ppl applying for salesforce roles have at least 1 cert. So, if you choose not to get at least 1 it’ll be that much more difficult for you.

Not impossible, just a bigger challenge.

Here’s my detailed newsletter all about certification prep.

#4 - Create your online portfolio

Your portfolio is proof that you can do the job.

I took three 1:1 coaching calls this week and one thing I observed was that everyone had plenty of talent and skill that would make them great in the Salesforce industry.

So, why weren’t they?

They didn’t understand resumes vs. portfolios.

  • Resume = What I can do

  • Portfolio = What I can do for you

Your portfolio is a place to show both technical Salesforce skills (flows, integrations, security) as well as transferrable skills (communication, problem-solving, teamwork).

Consider this:

  • I can communicate = blog a well-written how-to guide

  • I can problem solve = break down a trailhead use case

  • I can build technical stuff = prove it with a youtube demo

Build your portfolio step by step with this newsletter.

Resume vs. Portfolio

#5 - Share your learnings there

Better known. beats best.

You can be the best Salesforce [role] in the world, but if nobody knows who you are and what you can do for them… what’s the point?

You need both traffic & an offer. Traffic is getting ppl to look @ you and your offer is showing ppl how you will help.

My weekly traffic:

  • 1 newsletter

  • 2-3 coaching calls

  • 14 posts on Linkedin

  • 20 posts on Twitter

My weekly offer:

  • I can help you (1:1 calls)

  • I can teach you (newsletter)

  • I can prove myself (portfolio)

  • I can simplify salesforce (social media)

My weekly benefits:

  • 3 job offers (this week 7)

  • 605 new LinkedIn followers

  • $400 earned from coaching calls

  • 100+ DMs asking for salesforce help

That’s all for this week. 1 simple salesforce tip to grow your career.

If I have provided any at all value to you in your Salesforce journey, I’d really appreciate your support on my course pre-sell kickoff this Thursday, June 16th.

You can show your support by:

  1. Purchasing the course ($99 early access price)

  2. OR liking and commenting on the Linkedin post @ 8:30 am MDT

Regardless of the outcome next week, I truly appreciate all your support and am very thankful you choose to listen to me on anything salesforce.

See you Thursday!


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