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#14 - Build the perfect resume (in 15 mins or less)

Welcome to the 177 new subscribers who joined this week!

1 actionable tip to grow your salesforce career.

Today’s issue will take about 3 mins to read.

Enjoy 😎

Writing a resume sucks.

You do it to get a job but end up spending more time picking out font sizes and cramming it onto 1 page than actual resume writing.

Huge headache.

I take 11 interviews a year (I get 3+ job offers a week) so finding a way to simplify this process was always a massive priority.

Now I can build one from scratch in less than 15 mins.

Here’s how, step by step:

Step #1: Sign up for Zety

Zety builds your resume for you by using certified templates. Why I like it:

  • Cheap, like $2.70 a resume cheap.

  • Get more job offers because of it.

I value my time so any tool that’s effective and simple, I’ll gladly use. You can sign up for Zety here.

Step #2: Fill out your work history

Deciding what to say and how to say it used to be the hard part.

As soon as you enter your job title Zety auto-fills the expert recommendations for that specific role, no thesaurus needed.

From here, you can:

  • Tweak it

  • Add more

  • Remove items


Don’t do anything because at this point it’s pretty much ready to go!

Step #3: Review your resume

Hate the way it turned out? Change your template on the spot.

What’s a hassle on other resume sites is the ability to make quick changes. Zety lets you change the template at the very end to get the look you want Do this by:

  1. Selecting “template” (bottom of screen)

  2. Hover to preview

  3. Pick one you like

Just like the other steps, they keep it simple.

Step #4: Upload your resume

Be different, upload this to your portfolio making it easy to find.

99% of people will download this, keep it on their laptop, and send it when needed. Don’t do this.

The new currency is attention and without it, you have just as much chance as the next guy getting that job.

Having this readily available to view on your portfolio simplifies the hiring process for the recruiter.

Less friction for them, higher probabilities for you.

*Pro Tip: Create a download button for them (see screenshot)

That’s all for this week. 1 simple salesforce tip to grow your career.

If you’re not getting value out of these tips, please consider unsubscribing.

I won’t mind so no hard feelings if you do.

However, if you are enjoying this newsletter I’d really appreciate you sharing this week’s article with 1 person that could benefit from it.

See you next week!


P.S. Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you

  1. Want a plan to learn Salesforce? Book here

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