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Salesforce Flows Delete Records

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

What Does This Post Cover?

- How to use the Delete Records Element in Salesforce Flows

Use Case?

- Trash that garbage in your Salesforce

In this example:

We will be deleting records that have the checkbox "Delete Records?" marked as true

Business Case: We need to allow the user to delete the record if needed through the use of a checkbox on the opportunity

Words of Caution: To prevent deleting records by mistake, be as specific in your filter criteria as possible.

  • Records are deleted from your org the moment the flow executes the delete element.

  • Deleted records are sent to the Recycle Bin and remain there for 15 days before they are permanently deleted.

  • Flows can delete records that are pending approval.

Since we have a video on this showing you step by step, this blog post will be primarily used to view the values we used in the video as a reference to rebuild.

#1 Opportunity Process Builder

#2 Flow: Delete Records

#3 Video Walkthru

Check out the FULL video walkthrough to get more context here in the youtube video below 🎬🍿

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