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Salesforce Flow Create Records

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

What Does This Post Cover?

- How to use the Create Records Element in Salesforce Flows

Use Case?

- Ever needed to trigger a record creation through a flow? Perfect - this is the place for you!

In this example:

We will be creating a new opportunity record and THEN relating it back to the account

Business Case: When an account is moved to “Hot” we want to create a new opportunity and relate it to the existing account

Since we have a video on this showing you step by step, this blog post will be primarily used to view the values we used in the video as a reference to rebuild.

#1 Account Process Builder

#2 Flow: Create Records

a. Create Records: Create New Opportunity

b. Update Records: Update Account

#3 Video Walkthrough

Check out the FULL video walkthrough to get more context here in the youtube video below 🎬🍿

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1 opmerking

20 dec. 2023

I found this article helpful and informative. Salesforce Flow is a powerful tool, and using the Create Records element can greatly simplify the processes of creating and linking records in Salesforce. You can also simplify the task with a video I myself use this program and precisely because it is free, simple and multifunctional.

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