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Salesforce Error Messages in Slack

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

What does this post cover?

- How to send slack fail alerts (Apex exception emails) to your own Slack channel

Use Case?

- Collaborate on errors as a team as everyone can view the error alert in real-time

- The last person who modified the Process Builder is ooo - no worries! It's now in a channel for all team members to view

#1 Send Emails to Slack

a. Configure the Email app for slack (click here)

b. Configure Slack Integration

• Email Address = external email address used in Apex email exception
• Post to Channel = slack channel you want the emails to go to
• Descriptive Label = optional description
• Customize Name = name the integration will post as
• Customize Icon = icon displayed when it posts in the Slack channel
• Save Integration = saves your changes

#2 Apex Exception Email

Setup > Apex exception email > External email addresses

a. Paste the email address from your email Slack integration in step 1b

#3 Test & Verify

If you have set this up correctly you should see your fail emails now hit the Slack channel you have set up and look something like the example below

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