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Increase Field Visibility

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

What does this post cover?

- How to change characteristics of a field within Salesforce (font, color, size, etc.) Use Case?

- Make a field stick out on your page layout such as the account name or opportunity amount

- When an opportunity amount is under a certain threshold, change the text color

- Want to quickly find an ID on the page? Bold it

#1 Determine What Field to Highlight

To start off, you will want to figure out your own use case here and what field you want to bring more visibility to. For the sake of this example, I will use the "Account Name". When an account is created I will display the "Account Name" text in bolded blue font. If the "Account Name" is changed, I will display the text in bolded green font.

a. Create a new rich text area field. Since I want mine to replace the "Account Name" standard field I will name mine "Account Name" and API Name "Accout_Name_Rich"

b. Edit your page layout. If the field you are replacing can be removed from the page layout completely, I recommend doing so.

#2 Edit Process Builder

a. Add a new node

b. Add the immediate action

c. Insert the HTML code below as a formula ⬇️

*Bolded blue text

'<html><body><div style="color: blue;"><b>' & [Account].Name  & '</b></div></body></html>'

*Bolded green text

'<html><body><div style="color: green;"><b>' & [Account].Name & '</b></div></body></html>'

d. Activate the process builder

#3 Test Results

Lastly, run a test by creating a new account and then editing the account name to see if the changes you made to the process builder work as intended. If you have done this correctly, it should work like the gif below.

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