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Flow Lookup Workaround

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

What Does This Post Cover?

- How to filter a lookup list INSIDE the flow

Use Case:

We want to push the user to a prefiltered small list so that they can see all the options available to choose vs.using a regular lookup and searching for the right item. I am just planning on reviewing the high level items here vs. every single step so here is the full list of what I did 👇🏼

1. Go into your flow

2. Create new resource

3. Create Record Choice Set - Here you have control to create a criteria and filter for the choices you want to display

4. Add a screen element

5. Choose a picklist on that screen

6. Select the "Record Choice Set" you just created

7. Kick back with your mojito and enjoy the sweet solution

#1 Create Record Choice Set

#2 Choose Picklist in Screen Element

#3 Verify In Debug

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Jun 08, 2021
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