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Bypass Validation Rules

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

What does this post cover?

- How to bypass validation rules via custom permissions

Use Case?

- Instead of adding specific profiles or users to bypass when creating your validation rule, just add in one custom permission set and assign that permission set to users or profiles to be able to always bypass. Great idea for system admins and API users

#1 Custom Permissions

Setup > Custom Permissions > New

a. Label: "Bypass Permission" b. Name: "Bypass_Permission"

c. Description: "Allows users to bypass validation rules"

#2 Add Reference

Setup > Object Manager > "Insert Object Here" > Validation Rules > "Select New or Existing Validation Rule"

a. Click Insert Field b. Select $Permission c. Select Bypass_Permission d. Click Insert e. Write $Permission.Bypass_Permission = False f. Check Syntax g. Save

#3 Assign to Profiles or Permission Sets

Setup > Profiles > "Select Desired Profile" > Custom Permissions

a. Move "Bypass Permission" to Enabled Custom Permissions

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