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Bulk Assign Object Access to Profiles

What Does This Post Cover?

- How to assign CREDW (create, read, edit, delete, write) access to multiple profiles at the same time

Use Case:

You create a new custom object in Salesforce and you need to assign Read access to all the profiles in your org. The problem? You have 50+ profiles and going 1 by 1 assigning out this access will take too much time. Instead of doing that follow these steps ↓

Create List View

  1. Go to setup

  2. Search "profiles"

  3. Click "Create New View"

  4. Enter view name [object + access + view]

  5. Under "Setting" type [Object: Read] - notice the space between object and read

  6. Set operator to "equals"

  7. Set value to "false"

  8. Under "Search" select "Object Permissions"

  9. In the box next to it type [Object: Read] - notice the space between object and read

  10. Click "Find"

  11. Under "Available Settings" select [Object: Read]

  12. Add item selected above to the right-hand side under "Selected Settings"

  13. Click "Save"

Mass Edit Profiles

  1. Select the new view you just created

  2. Click the select all checkbox in the left-hand corner

  3. Hover over the first column of [Object: Read] to see the pencil on the right-hand side

  4. Double click on the pencil that appeared

  5. Under "Change the following setting" select [Object: Read]

  6. Under "Apply changes to" select "All ___ selected records"

  7. Click "Save"

Creating List View

Selecting All Profiles

Mass Editing Profiles

Apply Changes

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