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Making Salesforce Simple for Beginners

Join 5,000+ subscribers to Simple Salesforce. Every Saturday morning, you'll get 1 actionable tip to help you grow your Salesforce career.

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How I can Help You

1:1 Coaching Call

Get personalized help on how you can enter the Salesforce industry, build an outstanding Linkedin profile, or create content that gets people to stop and read.

Digital Course + Community

Self-paced course + community that will teach you how to learn Salesforce, market yourself online, and get hired in 6 months earning $70,000.


Every Saturday morning, you'll get 1 actionable tip to help you grow your Salesforce career.

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5.0 from 75+ Students

Learn Salesforce & Get Hired

The exact system I used to go from call center rep to Salesforce Admin and $70k in income with no college degree in 6 months.

Course + Community Access

No hidden fees. One time payment.


What our Students say

This course has been incredibly helpful. The value and community it’s you provide is insane for $150. My favorite part is that the more I dig in, the more I want to start my SF career, like, yesterday!

Geren Woodbridge

Community Member


Jordan Nelson

Over the past 4 years I've helped build three Salesforce orgs for three different $3B+ tech unicorns as a Senior Salesforce Administrator. Outside my full-time role I am a Salesforce content creator with 70k+ social followers, articles published on both Salesforce Ben and Apex hours and has 3,200+ subscribers on my newsletter "Simple Salesforce" that targets those who want tips on how to grow their career in the industry.

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Grow your Salesforce career in just 5 mins a week

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